So, what is vintage crochet?

Knitting is a craft where two straight needles are used to manipulate yarn or thread to create loops resulting in a textile or functional object (like an article of clothing).  Crochet uses a single, hooked needle for drawing a yarn or thread through intertwined loops to create a textile or functional object.  Most knitting/crochet is done in yarn while crocheting in cotton thread is often referred to as vintage crochet.  Cotton thread is used to crochet doilies and mandalas, crochet jewelry, and filet crochet art. 

More experienced artisans use cotton thread to make large projects such as tablecloths and detailed blankets.  Mamba, our founding artisan, is known for creating intricate tablecloths, delicate doll dresses and most recently, a handmade cover for a queen size canopy bed.



Learn to Crochet

Introduction to basic crochet techniques.  Price includes two and a half (2.5) hours of instruction unless noted.  First hour is in-person, remaining time can be divided in 30 minute intervals as follow up booster or practice sessions.

Project Starter kit includes binder with materials covered, bookbag, standard hook and introductory yarn package.

Learn to Crochet - Kids

Introduction to basic crochet at  kid friendly pace.  Price includes two and a half (2.5) hours of instruction divided into five (5) weekly 30-minute in-store sessions unless noted.