Here at Mamba's Creations, we are just not ready to give up the tree!  We've decided to keep our tree up and change it's decorations monthly and we are not alone.  Holiday Tree Repurposing is gaining popularity nationwide.  Not convinced?  Here's a few reasons to consider keeping the tree up:

        • Avoid the hassle of taking down and packing up the tree
        • Save storage space
        • Show off your holiday decorations - yet another reason to shop for home decor
        • Add a monthly holiday theme to your home
        • Improve your eyesight - green is soothing to your eyes
        • Create a hiding spot for upcoming gift giving

Find out what makes Shop The Tree a local favorite!  Every holiday, Mamba creates small unique creations for $10 or less.  Each are packaged in seasonal trimmings and make an excellent gift when you're in a hurry, on a budget, need to keep it neutral...